APT BEST Assembly Centre July 2013...

moreStarting July 2013 , APT  have extended their potential additionally  by start-up of  Bonfiglioli Best Assembly Centre at their  distribution site at Burntwood.
Our Collaboration with Bonfiglioli since 1983 has been the cornerstone of APT  success in UK. Following years of excellent service to Industry for Bonfiglioli , in Dec 2012 , APT was endorsed to become  Best (Bonfiglioli Excellent Service Team) partner for Bonfiglioli  which has given both companies access to new opportunities through new products and co-operation. From August 1st  2013 , APT launched   Best Assembly& Build  centre and is proficient in assembling up to size 60mm outputs shafts  for any combination unit in the following Bonfiglioli ranges within 1 hour.

Helical worm (VFR-WR Series)

Worm (VF-W Series)

Coaxial Inline (C Series)

Bevel Helical (A Series)

Inline Pre Reducers (S Series)

Parallel Helical (F Series)

Every locally assembled unit follows same processes and techniques, using Bonfiglioli approved and accredited   automatic press to maintain product integrity similar to units produced in Italy under license. Each unit is air pressure tested to ensure all seals and gaskets are intact. Carry out test (in either direction) to check for noise and vibration and finally check for exact ratio to validate accuracy of requested output speed.

Larger Units sizes 70mm to 90mm output shaft can be called off Bonfiglioli Built centre at Redditch  usually within 3-4 days from date of order, as well as all 300 series Transmital epicycle gearboxes up to size 315.


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